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Stainless Steel 80mm Bed Leg

Stainless Steel 80mm Bed Leg
Stainless Steel Bed Leg 80mm high. Low profile. Brushed stainless finish. Diameter is 50mm. Fixing is by 4 screws (supplied as a free service) for internal fitting to underside of wooden frames. Sale Price is PER LEG for Sets of 4 Legs excluding GST. GST is extra. Courier charge + GST is extra.
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REQUIREMENTS Each leg comes complete for simple fitting to the underside of wooden bed frames.  Four (4) screws are provided as a service (see below *). For the screws as provided a Philips Head (cross point) screwdriver is all the tooling that is required.  Generally screws will push into the underside of a wooden bed frame with ease.  However iif the timber is very hard or dense a small pilot hole may be necessry to get the screw started.  In that case use a carpenters awl or a fine drill bit and drill. 

PROTECTION Each leg comes with rubber mat base to help protect hard flooring or the scuffing of carpets


As a service 4 pcs m7x20mm screws are supplied. These are suitable in most situations

However we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused when the legs are fitted as it is beyond our control

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the supplied screws are adequate for the job and are neither too short or too long or of the wrong guage causing damage to the legs or bed frame

Source other screw options from a Hardware Store if the supplied screws are not suitable


Unscrew Top Plate of leg

Screw Top Plate into underside of wooden bed frame with 4 screws

The screws as supplied require a Philips Head (cross point) screwdriver

The Flat Surface of the Top Plate faces the underside of the bed frame

Ensure screws are tight

Screw by rotating the leg back onto the Top Plate

Ensure that the bed leg is secure

Low Profile

Sturdy construction

80mm high

Stainless Steel

Brushed Stainless Finish

Easily Fitted - Just 4 Screws

Requires no knowledge of threaded rod size as needed for regular bed legs

Overall Height 80mm

Diameter of Leg 50mm

Diameter of Base 60mm

Stainless Steel

Brushed Satin Finish

Rubber ring mat on base

Fixing by 4 screws M7x20mm