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Roller Castor For Beds - NO Brake

Roller Castor For Beds - NO Brake
Roller Castor for Beds - NO Brake. Top quality 56mm wide roller wheel for low height bed frames ensuring easy manoeuvrability. Discreet white roller wheel and sturdy brass plated yoke. Supplied with stem and socket fitting for wooden bed frames. Height is 64mm. Weight loading 55kg per castor. Sold singly or in sets of 2. Braked Roller Castor also available.
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The major advantage of Roller Castors is their SUPERB MANOUVERABILITY and LOW HEIGHT. The castor action spins 360o.  The height from floor to underside of the bed frame is a low 64mm.  A lower bed height may allow easier climbing on and off a bed that is too high for the user. Roller Castors are also especially good on carpet.

Roller castors No Brake can be fitted on all 4 or 6 leg positons of regular size beds.  Extra wide bed frames such as King, Super King or Californian King may require a further row of 3 castors (9 in total) on the centre rail running from head to tail in the centre of the bed to provide more support.

The ease of movement of Roller Castors enables the bed to be moved easily for cleaning, or when making the bed and access is difficult, or when illness restricts a patients movement.

If, during use, the Roller Castors move around too easily (especially on hardwood or lino floors) there is the option of fitting 2 or more Roller Castors BRAKED. These braked castors have a clearly visible easily adjusted brake that locks the roller wheel until the bed is required to be moved when a simple adjustment frees the roller wheel.  Roller Castors BRAKED are more expensive than regular Roller Castors No Brake and so an option is to fit regular No Brake castors to positons that are difficult to access and put Roller Castors BRAKED on say 2 front leg positions or alternatively 3 side leg positions.  The same socket fitting is used for both No Brake and Braked roller castors so they can be interchanged at will.  As an example a bed could be fitted with 4 Roller Castors No Brake and 2 Roller Castors BRAKED. Details of Roller Castors BRAKED are on this website.

An altenative to Roller Castors BRAKED is a Bed Stopper.  This is a device that traps a roller wheel in place by sliding under a roller wheel and with a gentle squeeze a roller or castor wheel cannot move.  bedlegNZ supply a 'No Lift' Bed Stopper (available on this website) than can be easliy put in place without the need to lift or move the bed.

Width of Castor Wheel 56mm

Diameter of Castor Wheel 47mm

Maximum width of Wheel and Yoke is 67mm

Height from Floor to Underside of Bed Frame is 64mm

Diameter of Socket is 13mm (socket tapers 13mm is widest)

Depth of Hole for Socket is 44mm

Weight Loading per Castor Wheel is 55kg