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20% discount on Bed Leg Steel 200mm High

20% discount on Bed Leg Steel 200mm High
August Sale 20% Off for Sets of 4
Steel Bed Leg 200mm high for easy screw fixing to underside of wooden bed frame. Bright chrome plate finish. Diameter is 50mm. Fixing is by 4 screws (supplied as a free service) for fitting to underside of wooden frames. Sale Price is PER LEG for Sets of 4 Legs excluding GST. GST is extra. Courier charge + GST is extra.
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REQUIREMENTS Each leg comes complete for simple fitting to the underside of wooden bed frames.  Four (4) screws are provided as a service (see below *). For the screws as provided a Philips Head (cross point) screwdriver may be all the tooling that is required.  Generally screws will push into the underside of a wooden bed frame with ease.  If this proves difficult you may need to create a small pilot hole to get the screw started. This may be essential iif the timber is very old, extremely hard or particularly dense.  In that case use a carpenters awl or a fine drill bit and drill. Do not allow a pilot hole to be too large or to overtighten the screw in the hole so that it doesn't grip.

ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT Each tubular steel leg comes with a plastic base which contains an adjustable thread capable of increasing the height from 200mm to 215mm.  This adustment is useful if the floor is at all uneven to ensure all legs reach the floor and provide even support.


As a service 4 pcs m7x20mm screws are supplied. These are suitable in most situations

However we cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused when the legs are fitted as it is beyond our control

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that the supplied screws are adequate for the job and are neither too short or too long or the wrong guage causing damage to the legs or bed frame

Source other screw options from a Hardware Store if the supplied screws are not suitable


Mark out the location of a leg on the underside of the wooden frame avoiding any existing fiitings, staples, doubled-over dust cover or uneven surfaces.

Try to position all legs in-line so that they look professional.  Mark them out if necessary.

The screws as supplied require a Philips Head (cross point) screwdriver

Position the fixing plate and screw in the first of the screws.  A gentle tap with a hammer (or similar) is sometimes useful to get the screw started.

Tighten the first screw.

Use a pilot hole as noted above if necessary.

Straighten up the fixing plate so that it is positoned square (if necessary) and repeat with the second screw. Usually the second screw is directly opposite the first screw.

Repeat with screws 3 and 4.

Do the same with all bed legs

Ensure screws are tight and that each bed leg is secure

Adust the height adustment thread on each leg so that the legs are even on the floor

Extended bed height of 200mm

Useful for under bed storage

Tubular steel construction

200mm high

Adjustable foot increases height by 15mm up to 215mm for uneven floors

Bright Chrome Plated Finish

Easily Fitted - Top plate fitting with just 4 Screws

Requires no knowledge of threaded rod size as needed for regular bed legs

Overall Height 200mm

Plastic Foot on Base is Adjustable

Height adjusts by 15mm to 215mm

Diameter of Leg 50mm

Diameter of Plastic Base 60mm

Tubular Steel Construction

Bright Chrome Finish

Top Plate 60mm x 60mm

Fixing by 4 screws M7x20mm